Until next time, San Diego

Today is my last full day in San Diego. I’ve been back from Australia for just over a week and I feel like I haven’t stopped running.  Last week I drove my home goods up to Long Beach to be put on a boat and sent to Vietnam. (I was notified to do this the day prior) Hopefully they get there without any issues from pirates (the contract I signed stated this as a real possibility).IMG_5116There they go…. all 9 boxes. Which made the guy helping me laugh because “you pack light.”

So, Home goods shipped -check.

One last doctors appointment-check

At least 10 trips to Target-check

Two trips to Goodwill-check

Library books returned-check

Sold stuff online-check

Celebrated Henry’s birthday- checkIMG_5232(I watch too my SVU to post this cute little face on a public form. So all you get is his smile😉)

Apartment empty-checkIMG_5200Goodbye dinner -check. (Can I just add that I love that my friends from different areas of my life met and now want to be friends with each other! How awesome is that!)


Car sold- check (biggest stressor right here!) IMG_5225I will miss this car! It was so good to me. Little gray Honda, you rocked!

Ate more Mexican food and acai bowls then I want to publicly admit-checkD7A771A4-B9EA-4BFF-A09B-398D932FE295

Lazy day at the beach-unfortunately this one didn’t happen.

Its been crazy week and I wish I had had a little bit more time with people. The last two years in San Diego have been great. I met some wonderful new friends, got to spend time with old friends, lived by family, grew as a teacher, worked with some fantastic people who supported me through so much, and saw parts of San Diego I hadn’t know about (Torrey Pines! How did I miss that in college). I will miss it here, but at the end of the day it really hasn’t hit me. I tend to move cities or apartment every 2-ish years so packing up all my stuff has become routine. (With as much as I loath packing you’d think I’d stay in one place longer. Ha!)

I think the reality of this move will hit me about a month in, when it stops feeling like a vacation. I’m sure then I’ll write a post about missing home.😉

Now, I’m off to spend a week in Northern California with my mom.


Blogging is not something I’m necessarily good at and autocorrect and I have a love/hate relationship, so please ignore any typos, misspelled words, or all together wrong words. 😉

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