Asia makes SIX…


Six continents that is. My big bucket list dream is to go to all seven continents. Being in Asia means I’ve offically been to six (living in four) which means I need to start saving for my trip to Antarctica!

Day One:

Jet lag. You know when you’re so exhausted your body can’t even sleep…. I’m there.

My flights over went really well. It’s too bad United has such a bad reputation lately because they were phenomenal. They checked before every meal to make sure I was the one who needed a gluten-free meal (even putting a sticker on my seat on my third flight), kept us well hydrated, and had a great movie selection. I got into Vietnam around 9pm and customs/immigration was a breeze. When you leave immigration you are immediately outside. My first impressions: loud and hot


(People waiting to meet people getting off planes. This was outside)

Myself and a teacher from a neighboring school were picked-up by my principal and brought to our temporary housing. This is where I will live for the next week until I find my own apartment.


(Sorry for the bad quality of photos. I took them last night when I first got in)

This is the view from my balcony:


I feel like I was really lazy today, but my Fitbit says otherwise (almost 14,000 steps). I will be living and working in District 2 so I spent the day walking around and getting a feel for the area. Below are a few pictures:

IMG_4650 2Morning walk along the river

StreetStreet views

Street 3Thankfully the streets around my school are pretty quiet and I won’t have to try to cross a multi-laned motorbike packed street on a daily basis.

My school

color-run.jpgThere was a color run going on

There is a lot of construction going on and presumably all these hammocks are for the workers to use during their breaks.

French buildingFrench influenced building are all around

I’m looking forwarding to trying out all the local cafes and eateries.

rain-on-street.jpgThis picture doesn’t show it well, but I was caught in a down pour

PhoObligatory bowl of Pho on my first day

Important lessons learned from day one:
– Always have a rain jacket or umbrella with you
– Dealing with bills of money in the 1000, 10,000, 100,000, and 500,000 notes is going to take some getting used it. Not going to lie, I feel like at baller carrying around 500,000 note bills (even though it’s only roughly $22 USD).

– American fast food is everywhere. I saw a McDonald, Burger King, Church’s Chicken (called Texas Chicken- same logo just different name), Buffalo Wild Wings (called B-Dubs – same logo just different name), and Starbucks.
– Pandora does not work in Vietnam but iHeart radio does
– Sunscreen is a must

I have an appointment set up to look at apartments tomorrow and will also be venturing into District 1 (The city center), but for now I’m going to try and get some sleep.

Blogging is not something I’m necessarily good at and autocorrect and I have a love/hate relationship, so please ignore any typos, misspelled words, or all together wrong words. 😉
(***because I’ve mentioned the school where I’ll be teaching I should probably mention that everything on this blog will be my thoughts, not those of my employer***)