Nha Trang

(I had planned to write this blog last night, but I got sucked into season 3 of Narcos. I love and hate Netflix for uploading full seasons at a time! Ha Ha!)

September 2nd was Vietnam’s Independence Day, also called National Day, and was celebrated with a 3-day holiday. (You can read more about National day here). My work held a 2-day professional development conference on Friday and Saturday so we got Sunday-Tuesday off instead of Saturday-Monday. This was also Labor Day weekend in the States. I was talking to a friend about how if I were in the States I’d probably just stay in San Diego and got to a BBQ. Living in Asia I feel obligated to travel and see new things, so that is what I did (with two friends).

After work Saturday we hopped on a short 45 minute flight to the beach town of Nha Trang.



This picture is slightly hazy because there were white vapors coming out of the air vents.  I couldn’t get a good picture of it. Super odd and it went on the whole flight. I looked it up later and it was water vapors from the AC.

Nha Trang-Airplane3

As we flew over Vietnam we saw large illuminated rectangles. They were larger than a house. UFOS? Some kind of power plant? Lit up city blocks? Nope, they were dragon fruit farms. I thought that was kinda of cool.

We book our hotel based on the recommendations of my friend’s friend. The name of it was Liberty Central and it was about a block from the beach. It ended up being fantastic! We booked a room with two twin (TWIN! umm…. never seen that before) and asked for a roll-away bed. It worked out perfect.

Nha Trang -Hotel
Two twin beds and a roll-away
Nha Trang - Hotel 2
Enjoying the free robe and slippers
Nha Trang-Hotel 3
Our ocean view
Nha Trang - Hotel 4
The free breakfast buffet was huge!
Nha Trang-Hotel 5
Hotel pool with a view of the ocean
Nha Trang - Hotel 6
Panoramic view from the hotel’s rooftop bar

Day One: Relaxing at the beach
Lessons learned:
1. You CAN get sunburnt when you have sunscreen on AND lay under the shade of a beach umbrella all day.
2. Don’t buy a coconut from the lady on the beach it’ll cost you 5 times as much as everywhere else.

Nha Trang- Beach
Beach views
Nha Trang- beach 2
Beach views
Nha Trang- beach 3
The view from my beach chair
Nha Trang- beach 4
Lady selling fruit. (Not the coconut lady) She would cut it up for you when you bought it.
Nha trang - beach 5
Out lunch view from the Sailing Club restaurant
Nha Trang- beach 6
Giant plate for my salad

Day Two: Culture
Lessons learned:
1. Carrying an umbrella for shade is a life saver!
2. Buy the coconut at the top of the giant Buddha. 😉

The pictures below are from Po Nagar, a Cham temple tower founded before 781. (Wikipedia article here). It was really neat to see and crazy to think about how old this site is.

nha trang- cham 1

Nha trang- cham2

Nha Trang - cham 4

Nha Trang- Cham 6

Nha Trang- cham 7

Nha Trang - Cham 7

Nha Trang- Cham 3

Nha Trang - Cham 6

Next we went to Long Son Pagoda, a Buddhist Temple. (Wikipedia link here ).

Nha Trang- Buddha3
Long Son Pagoda
Nha Trang- Buddha 2
View when you first walk in
Nha Trang - Buddha 22
View of the temple

Nha Trang - Buddha 5

Nha Trang- Buddha 4
Monks inside the temple
Nha Trang - buddha 14
Inside the temple

Nha Trang- buddha 13

Nha trang- Buddha 10

Nha Trang buddha 12
View of the court-yard from inside the temple

Nha Trang- Buddha 9

Nha Trang- Buddhha
152 to see the giant Buddha

Nha Trang- Buddha 7
Nha Trang - Buddha 18

Giant Buddha
Nha Trang- Buddha 21
I wish this picture captured how hot I was… dying…
Nha Trang- Buddha 19
Nha Trang- Buddha 17
The sleeping Buddha was closed so all I could get was a picture of its feet
Nha Trang - Buddha 15
The roots on this tree were really cool

Next up: Mud baths!

This is a real place!


I felt like I was sitting in warm chocolate milk
Pool area
You can’t really tell, but that’s a waterfall
Goats on the road back to the hotel

Last, but certainly not least, we ended day two with some more beach time and a nice Spanish dinner.


This is what happens when I’m scared of getting even more sun burnt. ha ha!
Vinpearl- It’s said the be the Disneyland of Vietnam. You have to take a gondola over the ocean to get there.


This dinner was delicious!

Day Three: Last day to enjoy the beach
Rented a beach chair and had food and drinks delivered to me all day for a total cost of less than $20 USD!

Take me back!
Not a bad lunch view!
One last sunset from the hotels roof top bar before heading to the airport
As much as I enjoy traveling by myself, it was so nice to have friends to share this trip with!

And now that I’ve spent two hours on this blog (internet was super slow tonight), I’m off to bed!

Blogging is not something I’m necessarily good at and autocorrect and I have a love/hate relationship, so please ignore any typos, misspelled words, or all together wrong words. 😉
(***because I’ve mentioned work I should probably mention that everything on this blog will be my thoughts, not those of my employer***)


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