The Chainsmokers

It’s not very often bands come to Vietnam, so when they do, you go. This past Thursday The Chainsmokers came town and while I could only say I knew two of their songs (I actually ended knowing more), I went. We bought tickets for the front sections and it was cheaper than anything I would have paid in the States.

The night before we had a pretty big storm which meant part of the field was muddy, so flip-flops were not the best choice of footwear (lesson learned). The concert started at 7pm but the Chainsmokers did not begin until 9pm and in true Vietnam fashion they promptly lost power! Ha Ha!

We ran into people from work, danced, laughed, and over all had a really good time! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a band that mixes in the intro song to the Lion King into their set! 😉 Below are a few pictures.

Ran into work friends in line
Indira and I
Double fisting water and sprite. They poured it out of small bottles into these cups :/ #killingtheevnvironment


Close enough to feel the heat from the fireworks they were lighting off


First experience with a squatty port-a-toliet. There were little frogs in there as well!
My feet at the end of the night

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