Moon Festival, Celebration of Cultures, and End of Term…. oh my!

Yesterday was officially the end of first term. What? How did that happen? These last eight weeks have felt like whirlwind and I can’t believe we’re already a quarter of the way done with the school year! As I reflect back, I’m not going to lie, these weeks have been hard. I’ve felt like a new teacher again learning the PYP system and not understanding the jargon people have been using. But, they’ve been fun. I’ve really really enjoyed being back in Kindergarten again.

This week in particular was busy because we celebrated two major events: Moon Festival and Celebration of Cultures.

Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival) is Vietnam’s harvest festival. (Other countries in Asia also celebrate the Moon Festival.)  It is celebrated with lanterns, moon cakes, and traditional Vietnamese games. It’s a festival geared toward children. You can read more about it here.

My students have been preparing for Moon Festival for over a month. My TA, Linh, helped the students make lanterns and taught them a lantern dance. On Tuesday our class performed this dance to three different classes. It was super cute but do to student privacy I can’t up load the video. Just imagine little kids swinging lanterns, while dancing in circles and three dragons dancing around them. 😉

Funny cultural side note: I had asked parents to send their students in “fancy dress” for our performance. To me that means something nice. To most of the parents that meant some kind of dress up costume. Thankfully it was clarified before Tuesday!

On Wednesday the whole primary school participated in a Moon Festival assembly and Moon Festival games.


The lanterns were my favorite part of the moon festival.

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Moon cakes. The first picture I took from the internet to show how many of the moon cakes have a dried egg in the middle to represent the moon. They come in beautiful boxes and the designs on them are fancy. I personally, was not a fan of the way they tasted. I tried two different kinds, a pea moon cake and a lotus flower. The texture is almost gummy in the inside.


My class dressed up in the traditional  áo dài (pronounced “ow die”) and playing Vietnamese games.


Yesterday was our schools Celebration of Cultures. Everyone in the school community (teachers, students, parents, and staff) dressed up and walked in a parade with their country.

IMG_8659 I was told I was not wearing enough red, white, and blue so this summer I plan on buying the most obnoxious America shirt I can find. Ha ha! My fellow Californian teacher appreciated my shirt though! 😉


Getting ready for the parade!


Then there were performances by different cultures. These were entertaining! There were dances and skits! It was fun to see how different cultures view and represent themselves. America did a “road trip down route 66.” It was really clever.

It was a busy and fun way to end the term and I’m now off to explore Northern Vietnam with a couple of friends for a much-needed week off!

Blogging is not something I’m necessarily good at and autocorrect and I have a love/hate relationship, so please ignore any typos, misspelled words, or all together wrong words. 😉
(***because I’ve mentioned the school where I’ll be teaching I should probably mention that everything on this blog will be my thoughts, not those of my employer***)