Day trip Malmö, Sweden

On day 3 of my time in Copenhagen I decided to take a day trip into Sweden. Why not when it’s so close! Getting from Copenhagen to Sweden is easy.  There are three cities that are easily accessible. Malmö, Lund, and Helsingborg. I picked Malmö because it was the closet and it had a castle. The train ride took about 30 minutes and unfortunately was not covered under my Copenhagen card. I found it interesting that the first train stop in Sweden had a heavy amount of security. The train stopped and customs agents walked through checking everyone’s passports. If you wanted to get off you had to go through a gated area. On the way back there was no security on the Danish side.

Again, I did no research before going to Malmö so I hopped off the train, found the nearest tourist both, grabbed a map, and started walking. Copenhagen must have more buildings blocking it from the wind because Malmö had more of an icy chill to it. The city  doesn’t have a whole lot to see and I saw everything on the tourist map in a few short hours, but man, the buildings were impressive! The city was also very quiet, which I loved! Below are pictures of Malmö.

Inside the Malmö train station
Before you walk out of the train station. Not sure what it was for.


IMG_8890 2
Town Hall is located in the Great Square. There is a very interesting water fountain out front. It looked like a boy holding a monkey on his shoulder and a rattle in his hand. It marks the spot of an old water reservoir.
Statue of King Karl X Gustav
Stortoget “The Great Square” 
More of The Great Square
I loved the lights!
Musician statues in the pedestrian area
This was a pop-up cafe
Tree decorations
Yes, people were kayaking in the freezing weather.
Point of View sculpture. One of the first things I saw from the tourist map (I saw everything in the above pictures as I was trying to find a tourist booth). My reaction was “ummmmm,” (head tilt).
IMG_8809 2
Malmö opera house
St. John’s church
St. Peter’s secondary school
Sons of the Work statue
A cute little farmers market
I’m not sure what this was but it was in what looked to be an amusement park for kids. Everything was shut down because it was winter
Street art
I got a little lost walking through a park trying to find the castle. In my defence, the park was huge!
IMG_8821 2
I got a little lost walking through a park trying to find the castle. In my defence, the park was huge!
IMG_8822 2
I got a little lost walking through a park trying to find the castle. In my defence, the park was huge!
Remember I said I went to Malmö because of a castle…. This is it; Malmöhus Slott. After Denmark’s castles I expected more. Ha ha
Malmöhus Slott
IMG_8829 2
I stumbled upon the cutest fish market


HSB Turning Torso. I bit of an eye sore compared to all the old buildings.
Øresund Bridge – The bridge that connects Denmark to Sweden. I had to walk so far to get this picture.
You can barely see it, but in the distance is Denmark. You can’t tell but the wind was icy and my hands about froze off when I was trying to take this picture! Ha ha!


Malmö Christmas markets
IMG_8880 2
I love Christmas markets!
IMG_8876 3
Lamp Statue # 1
Lamp Statue # 2. They were nowhere near each other
Little square



Old water fountain in the little square



Malmö central train station

Although Malmö didn’t have very much to see, it gets a gold star for cuteness!

Blogging is not something I’m necessarily good at and autocorrect and I have a love/hate relationship, so please ignore any typos, misspelled words, or all together wrong words. 😉

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