The Next Chapter…

Meet Crystal.

Crystal is a friend of mine who has changed the course of my life three times now. First, she inspires me to teach special education. Second, her husband and her sent me the job posting for my current job in Vietnam. And third, she convinced me, late one night while I was visiting her in Korea, to apply to the school she will be working at next year. And you know what happened…

I got the job…


Yup, Crystal, her husband, and I will be working at a school in Curitiba, Brazil starting in July! Stoked, excited, thrilled sum up how I feel about it!

(My side of this picture was taken in Australia as I would never be barefoot on a street in Vietnam. Ha ha)


I realize I haven’t blogged at all in the last year (A fact that has been pointed out to me by multiple people). Around this time last year I got sick. I started having an excuricating amount of abdominal pain. Several ER visit, way to many tests, a wrong diagnosis,  and a couple of months later (May) I was told I had colitis and it took until November for the pain to completely go away.

I even went to the doctor in Korea (which was free). He told me it was something in my environment, more then likely the water, causing the colitis. And while I don’t drink the water in Vietnam I became more aware of other was I was being exposed to it. (Ex: washing fruits and vegetables)

I was tired, burnt out, and missed home. I just didn’t have it in me to sit and blog, but I’m going to try and go back and post blogs about all the cool this I did last year because even though I felt awful, I went on some pretty amazing trips. Stay tuned…

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