Luang Prabang… say that ten times fast!

Years ago I remember someone telling me to skip Laos if I went to South East Asia. They said there wasn’t any point in going, “it’s looks the same as everywhere else.” That person was so wrong.

Luang Prabang was beautiful. It felt like a small country town. There was plenty of nature and above all else, it was quiet and calm. Just flying in was beautiful as we flew over rivers and mountains.

Sadly, this picture can out super hazy.

The airport we flew into was really neat because the walk ways were outside. All I could think about was “this would never happen in the US. ” Ha ha. Customs and immigration was also a breeze!

Outdoor walk ways

I love the sight of a small customs line!


Our first night we settled into our lovely hotel (they brought us afternoon drinks every day and were so helpful) and then wandered around the night market.

The ally way our hotel was on

Court yard of our hotel 

Day two:

Our hotel arranged transport to the waterfalls and even suggested when the best time would be to go. The waterfalls are the main sight seeing things to do and they have a bear rescue as you walk into them.

Relaxing in a Tuk-Tuk

Bear rescue

Waterfall on the sets as we hiked up the hill

Yes, we jumped into to the freezing water!

We we’re glad we went early. It got hot and more people started arriving as we left.

We wondered around town the rest of the day, napped, and then climbed a few hundred steps up Mount Phu Si (not really a mountain, more like a hill in town) to see a view of the whole city. It’s a good place to see the sunset, but it was so much hazy, we decided to go have dinner instead.

Up we go

This bridge is rebuilt after every rainy season.

TV anyone?

Day 3

We walked around and saw a couple of temples of which there are many!

We took an afternoon boat ride to see a cave full of Buddha’s. It’s takes an hour to get there and really it’s about the boat ride and the scenery. The cave wasn’t that impressive. We ran out of gas on the way there which was a bit nerve racking, but thankfully there was a gas station on the river.

Our long boat

Water buffaloes

Gas station
Cave full of Buddahs

On the way back from the caves we stopped at a little village

Last day

The library!

Royal Palace (Museum). We were not allowed to take cameras or phones inside. The USA gave Laos moon rocks on two different occasions. They were in the museum. 

The restaurant we ate at for lunch

The food

There is a restaurant in Luang Prabang called Khaiphaen which is part of the Friends International group. They are an NGO our of Cambodia that trains street kids how to be waiters and cooks and helps spread information about child labor issues. We ate at their restaurants in Cambodia so we were really excited when we found this one! We ate there twice (the next two pictures out from that restaurant)

Super fancy mango sticky rice! I could eat mango sticky rice everyday!

Sweet potatoes laying out on the street to dry

The only downside to the whole trip was the air quality. They were burning off fields so it was so hazy and gross!